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Reykjavík’s Brikcs yanks the walls down on his new single about that frustration of being stuck inside on, ‘Days Pass’

As he eloquently reflects on the futility and ridiculousness of everyday life in this locked-up world filled with organized chaos, Brikcs shows much pent-up frustration with a vigorously-projected new single that so many of us will relate to with, ‘Days Pass‘.

Brikcs is a Reykjavík, Iceland-based multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician, music producer, singer, and also well-respected rapper.

His genre-bending music is characterized by dark lyrical themes over elaborate layered instrumentation that relies heavily on electronic drums and synths mixed with lush string sections and grand pianos.” ~ Brikcs

Shifting the mentality away from calm and into stormy waters that have been coming for some time, Brikcs lacerates the speakers like naked tires – on a thoroughly electric performance with a brooding beat – that takes you for a ride into wondering why things have been so disorganized lately in this supposedly smarter world.

Days Pass‘ from the multi-talented Icelandic solo artist and music producer Brikcs, is a wall-smashing new single that has your mood made even gloomier by a picture of discontent by someone who has grown mightily annoyed with the way things have gone recently. There is a dark edge here that echoes the gloom and doom that has risen up into the masses as we tried our best to be patient, only to be totally appalled by the brainlessness of the so-called leaders of so many countries who didn’t do enough for the people who needed it most.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Feel The Confinement: Gaby DeSpain desires that stimulating thrill on ‘Settle For Skin Deep’

After dazzling us with the incredible singles ‘Dark Delight‘ and ‘Disaster‘, Gaby DeSpain knows that she shouldn’t submit to her potentially dangerous urges but needs to fill the cravings right now on ‘Settle For Skin Deep‘.

Gaby DeSpain is a thrilling American-Icelandic indie synth-pop and blues singer-songwriter who is based in Seattle. She makes that eerily brilliant music which grips hard at your curious soul, taking you to exciting places in your vividly trained imagination.

Raised in India and Turkey and now based in Seattle, DeSpain spent her formative years traveling Europe and Asia.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

With her glorious vocal ability causing your entranced body to shiver nervously in delight – you sense her smartly-written lyrics open your hungry mind up to the temptation-filled world – which most of us feel is desperately needed currently. She shows us into her night out to the stale smoke-filled local bar – knowing that this evening might not be worth it – but could be a wild adventure she might nonetheless enjoy.

A world weary poet, DeSpain uses her music to broaden perspectives while illuminating the commonality of all human kind.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

Settle For Skin Deep‘ from the Seattle-based sensual indie-pop/blues artist Gaby DeSpain, is that whiskey-soaked experience that you need to have in your life sometimes. She sings with such an hauntingly beautiful tone and is rather refreshingly honest here, as she tells us the frisky story that so many of us have felt lately. We need to get outside and feel that hot spark again with a total stranger, who might be tomorrow’s regret.

Listening to your heart is usually the way to go, but sometimes you just need to take the plunge and seek out something that thrills you enough, to awaken your sleepy soul.

Listen to this sensationally performed new single on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen