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Better Than That: Shivonne won’t let anyone into her freeze-filled heart on Ice Queen

Showing no emotions and guiding us through her bulletproof walls that will only let the genuine souls inside, Shivonne displays her current romantic mentality and refuses to let anything or anybody ruin her current vibe with Ice Queen.

Shivonne is an Ireland-based indie pop singer-songwriter who has been slowly building her name up in the underground and performs with such potent precision.

The songs I write are very different to anyone else in the industry, they are very in the moment pieces of work.” ~ Shivonne (via her SoundCloud page)

Impressing us with a delightful single that shows us a young woman who is clearly on the rise, Shivonne is at her honest best with a simply majestic performance to shake your earlobes. With introspective lyrics that take you deeper inside, this is a superb song for all those who are taking time away from opening up their heart.

I am a mixture of everything and the explosion of creation you’ve been waiting for.” ~ Shivonne (via her SoundCloud page)

Ice Queen from Ireland-based indie pop singer-songwriter Shivonne¬†is an anthem made for anybody who has ever been hurt before. Closing the door on possible love despite the potentially incredible moments, this is a song that will have you remembering the time when you knew you weren’t emotionally available.

Sung with a hugely likeable vocal ambiance that will take your breath away, taking you into a world that could make your soul cold forever.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on her new Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen