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Tenderhooks Release Quirky Track ‘Yolena’

What you think Tenderhooks are all about depends on which thread you pick up on first. Pick up on their lyrical content and you will find the same strange characters that Ian Dury or perhaps Madness peopled their songs with, pick up on the back beats and you find a soulful Ray Charles vibe. The weird-pop quirk, which runs through the song, is pure Bowie and the strange New Wave edge is very talking Heads. It is pop heading into rock; quirky rhythm and blues doing a spot of Avant Gardening and the ghost of any number of Bonzo Dog Band members haunt the hidden corners of the song.

Normally journalists have a hard time finding a label for a band because it doesn’t sit that easily in existing genres. Tenderhooks present a different dilemma as they appear to spend some time in almost every genre you can think of and make up a few of their own along the way!