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Feeling Alone: Toronto’s Iain Grey is so numb to the heartbreaking pain on ‘Sulfate’

As he wonders where his life is going and tries to work out his next move, Iain Grey feels so lost in this strange world as he looks for inspiration to reach his goals on the deeply emotional new single ‘Sulfate‘.

Iain Grey is a Toronto, Canada-based music producer and indie musician who intricately fuses elements of emo rap, punk rock, grunge, trap and alternative rock into his unique hip-hop-based soundscape, that has you listening rather intently.

He courageously makes music to help his scarred soul recover from all the previous hurt, as his desire is to help others who have dealt with this unfortunate trauma that can really lock you into your own mind forever, if you aren’t careful.

I think its important for people to realize you can take your pain and make it into something beautiful. I mean, that’s why my name is Iain Grey. “Grey” is what I have called my demons for years because nothing ever made sense. There was never an answer to my madness. Alone, I spent a whole year questioning and destroying myself because I didn’t know who I was anymore. Nothing was black or white, I never had a concrete answer. Everything was just grey. I want to show people who are just like me — the lost, confused and misunderstood — that there is a place for us in this fucked up world. We just have to fight for it and that’s why I’m going to Die Dreaming.” – Iain Grey

Sulfate‘ from the Canadian emo/hip hop rapper Iain Grey, is an expressive journey that is meant to show you that so many people struggle and you are not ever alone. He performs with such a deep understanding of how he is feeling, as he uses music to help break free from the walls around him, whilst wishing that others follow his lead and find the strength to do the same.

Stream this new track on YouTube and check out his IG music page for more news on his career.

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