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I Wont Hide’

Learning to love as one: TwentyNine30 are scintillating on debut track ‘I Won’t Hide’

TwentyNine30 are a new name to immerse yourself into through their stunning song about loving your partner throughout all on ‘I Won’t Hide‘.

Durham, North Carolina dreamy-pop band TwentyNine30 make that kind of music that makes you reflective and inspired at the same time to be a better person and to deal with whatever is holding you back in relationships.

With the breathtaking honey-layered vocals of the classy Emily Pierce and the skillfully pure guitarist Jack Thomas adding in his incredible voice to mesh a intertwining bundle of glorious goodness for our hearts, this is a special song full of heartfelt treats.

Its so easy to turn your back and hide away when you find something out about your lover. Perhaps they are hiding the key to the real reason away as they are embarrassed or worried you will leave them. Being a strong couple and fully fusing your hearts together to be so madly in love so nothing can or will break you, is extremely hard but possible if you both want it enough.

This is the story about how two humans decide that they want to know each others deepest fears and secrets, so that they can fully trust and be at one to navigate life’s adventures hand in hand, heart to heart with gusto and that rare ultimate trust.

I Won’t Hide‘ from North Carolina’s indie-dream band TwentyNine30 is a pleasurable experience on the soul and they sing with such passion and the eclectic guitar piece at the end puts you in such a calming state- after the deeply emotive lyrics and supremely gifted vocals of that true love.

We might not like what we find inside each others minds and hearts sometimes, but if you love someone enough and can see that they genuinely are a kind person and have valid reasons for their actions, you can overlook it if when you look into their eyes you see true goodness, you know that they are someone you can fully trust and be with no matter what.

After all, the eyes never lie.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen