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I Wish I Knew

MOnME reimagines everything he thought possible with brave new release ‘I Wish I Knew’

After trying to get a proper band going that was headed in the right direction, MOnME has decided to only hold himself accountable from now on and takes us on an emotional journey about not know what the solution is on ‘I Wish I Knew‘.

MOnME aka Flavio Monopoli is a Los Angeles, USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, composer, drummer, and music producer.

It’s about relationships that are no longer relevant and how the only real constant to all our interactions is ourself. When a friendship or a romance ends, it’s important to take stock and accept some (or all) of the blame.” ~ MOnME

Featuring MO The Robot and with sincere vocals blended into introspective lyrics, MOnME shows us he wishes everything could be just be perfect like in the movies and sings from the heart on his relatable new release. With a hugely likeable beat and a story that will have many nodding at the memory, this is a song for anyone who knows that they need to move on.

The truth is, I’ve been doing this my whole adult life. I’ve made a lot of songs–some I’m proud of, some I’m not. I’ve worked with many other artists–some famous, some not. I have a folder filled with rejection letters from record companies. I’ve been denied grant money more times than I can count, and like most of my creative friends, I have internal struggles.” ~ MOnME

I Wish I Knew‘ from Los Angeles, USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter/music producer MOnME is a compelling soundscape from a man who has recently decided that he can only rely on himself. Leading the way out of the band life and into the scary solo world can be a rather frightening undertaking, but we find a gallant warrior who is ready for the next step.

Formulating the next step forward is the only thing you can do when everything else doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Listen up to this new single on YouTube and see more on his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen