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I Will Be There

I Feel Your Pain: Iphis reminds her father of their special all-lasting love on I Will Be There

Leading us deep into the toxic but relatable story which almost shattered her in half from witnessing a parent show their dark side so blatantly, the wildly creative Iphis returns with a real account that should put many into a deep reflective gaze, I Will Be There.

Iphis Well is a French indie pop singer-songwriter who loves to make people dance and she is known for her stunningly authentic aura, incredible style and striking hairstyles.

I wrote this song for my father. It talks about how the narcissistic perversion of my mother affected our relationship and mental health. This is also a love letter, to remind him that despite of the distance we have now, I will always be there for him, until the end.” ~ Iphis Well

Sung with marvellous tenderness and love for the betterment of humanity, Iphis Well shows us it is imaginable to love even if it’s rather hard sometimes.

With ear-tingling vocals and so much to think about, this is a rather important song made with true care. After understandably holding back from releasing this for a while, we find a courageous anthem to love unconditionally.

I Will Be There from French indie pop singer-songwriter Iphis Well is a hauntingly exquisite reminder that no matter what happened in the past, there is a bond so deep waiting to be held. Steering us wonderfully through a hugely private moment, we feel the passion of a maturing soul who guides us into the true love she will never forget. No matter the past.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen