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I Was So Blind

Looking deeper within: Mysterious indie-electronic artist Itsallzenhere fascinates with love-torn single ‘I Was So Blind’

Itsallzenhere is back with his love-torn story about a crush that seems to have gotten away on his single called ‘I Was So Blind‘.

Unintelligiblekai aka Itsallzenhere is a fascinating Greece-based underground indie-electronic musician who has made a song that forces you to look much deeper within than most music out there, due to a break-away style that is ever-evolving and original.

It seems as though this is an artist who is dealing with so much pain from being with someone that he truly adored. With a voice that breaks up on occasion and forces you to listen really intently, he is expressing his pain to what happened. He appears to still be dealing with it and is working out in his mind what transpired and to start the healing process.

When you are in love or lustful, it is so hard to make sense of things when they end. You tend to blame yourself and this only leads to a longer time to heal. Its easier said than done to move on, take it on the chin, learn from mistakes and turn the page but this is the only way to be happier again, faster.

With a unique music style, he is a pleasure to listen to and you feel that there is much potential here if he can market himself well, find a close community of fans that keeps on growing and shares his music to new friends. Or he might just want to make music for himself as a healing process and perhaps we will never know. That is the beauty of music, it is there to make us think, inspire and to calm our minds from the crazy world before us.

I Was So Blind‘ from Itsallzenhere is a fascinating journey of simmering sounds that is like a mystery we love to find out more about.

Hear this thought-provoking new single on YouTube and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen