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I Used To Think

The Skeleton Dead doesn’t feel guilty at all for that withered love on ‘I Used To Think’

Released through Sugarlow Records, The Skeleton Dead takes us back to a picture that has moved inside a book that might tragically be forgotten rather expeditiously on the dreamy recollection, ‘I Used To Think‘.

The Skeleton Dead is a Halesworth, UK-based folk solo singer-songwriter that Tom Sharples has created with much gusto for us to listen intently inside.

Songs on universal themes of love, seafaring and finding porn hidden in the woods.” ~ The Skeleton Dead

Reclaiming his place as one of the most introspective musicians in the world, The Skeleton Dead opens up those old wounds that perhaps needed that proper closure before being stitched up again.

I Used To Think‘ from Halesworth, UK-based indie folk artist The Skeleton Dead is a song that shall have you reminiscing about a time that you think about fondly but don’t feel too bad about its ending. Remembering deeply why you walked a different path – as it probably wouldn’t have worked out – this is an experience that many of us have felt in our lives before. Sung with a real insight and teaching us a lesson for us all to learn from, you will feel rather emotional after listening to a true underground master at work.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen