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I Used to Have Dreams

Has It Fallen Apart: London-based pianist Evelyn Bates is simply superlative on ‘I Used to Have Dreams’

Taken off her upcoming debut EP called ‘I Want You To Know‘, which was first created after taking a brisk walk in Moscow to conquer a moment she needed to deal with from her past, Evelyn Bates is absolutely brilliant on her lead single that will have you lighting the candles on ‘I Used to Have Dreams‘.

Evelyn Bates is a highly professional and award-winning classically trained pianist, composer, actress, piano/vocal coach and indie pop singer. She forms that classy soundtrack that dazzles your mind and takes you to a calming place – to get your thoughts together from this confusing world – that can easily lead you astray.

She was born into a family of musicians and composers. Evelyn started studying piano in the tradition of the Russian piano school and singing at an early age and was accepted at a classical music school at the age of 6. She continued her studies and later started her degree at the renowned Gnesin Academy of Music, Moscow.” – Evelyn Bates

I Used to Have Dreams‘ from the mightily skillful yet elegantly humble London-based, Moscow-born pianist/composer/actress and singer Evelyn Bates, shows us into a mindset that has evolved through time and life experiences. She knows what is is important now and although she feels like she has lost some dreams to the night and has seen them fall apart into pieces, this stunning piece of music art has also helped her to see the bigger picture. That growing self-awareness is what makes her such a superb musician, and this wonderful song is surely the start of something special.

Writing this EP was like therapy, where I needed to simplify things to see them more clearly in order to reflect on that.” – Evelyn Bates

Hear this new and calming effort on Spotify and see her IG page for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen