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I Never Knew Where I Was Going

Finding that road you desire: Norwegian singer-songwriter Ruben Kåre sings with such humble energy on ‘I Never Knew Where I Was Going’

Ruben Kåre soothes our tired hearts with his latest soulful offering taken off new album ‘Sorrows‘ and this humble new single is called ‘I Never Knew Where I Was Going‘.

Målselv, Northern Norway-based indie-rock singer-songwriter/producer Ruben Kåre, is the type of true artist that you turn on and find yourself so immersed in- that you forget about your worries.

This is the true story of not really knowing what you wanted to be when growing up. The other kids knew and you wanted that feeling too. A singer that doubted himself but after a while and with support, found his voice and has been flourishing from there.

When you love to entertain the crowd, the moment will eventually come when you know you are good and this is what you want to do forever.

His voice is so entertaining and honest, the smooth vocals show a man that has been through the ups and downs of being a musician but he loves what he does. Each note is strewn together with a real story that helps him express himself so eloquently and with that extra pure passion- that makes him a quality performer.

I Never Knew Where I Was Going‘ from Norway’s Ruben Kåre is that authentic tender touch to self-awareness that you lust for each day. Finding out where you are going is the key to unlocking your greatness stored inside you. This is a fine musician on the right path and he sings with that real joy that helps him reach his dreams, through his love for music while wearing his signature black hat.

Hear this wonderful new single on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen