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I Hate Everybody

The News: David Wakeling grows furiously frustrated with humanity on I Hate Everybody

With massive dislikes for racists and cottage cheese, David Wakeling slams the door shut forever on dodgy dentists and anyone who could be a sneaky stinging wasp on the statement track I Hate Everybody.

David Wakeling is a Brockton, Massachusetts-born indie singer-songwriter who is a revered name in the game and performs with expert skill and timing.

Between global warming, continued mass shootings, politicians holding on to power for power’s sake, dictators killing innocents..yeah, kinda hate everybody.” ~ David Wakeling

After releasing his 13th and most likely last full-length album called Oddities and Curios, David Wakeling is the pinnacle of experience personified and guides us into exactly what his thoughts are. Fed up with the evil deeds of those in invisible suits, this is a song all about telling it how it really is in reality.

I Hate Everybody from Brockton, Massachusetts-born indie singer-songwriter David Wakeling is a rather exemplary effort from a truly well-respected figure in the underground. Loaded with so much insight and a real flow which can’t be taught, as he ravages into the poor performance of so many who were supposed to help humanity, not destroy it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen