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I Gotta Stay Fly

In A Basement: Tony Kurtiz knows that a new way is necessary on I Gotta Stay Fly

Above and flying high, Tony Kurtiz feels up his pot as he has realized how to be happy away from the small-minded senseless which can tangle you like a fish in the sea on the fresh new single I Gotta Stay Fly.

Tony Kurtiz is a Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist and music producer who stretches bars like an outlaw and firmly rampages through all speakers.

Living in areas from Desoto, Lancaster to Irving and even Oak Cliff, before moving to Houston at the age of 14. Tony has been a long time producer turned rapper since the age of 12 and even releasing his first album at the age of 17.” ~ Tony Kurtiz

With a dynamic aura and an old school beat which is rather excellent, Tony Kurtiz is quite transcendent on this scintillating track which is a rather elevated listen.

I Gotta Stay Fly from the Dallas, Texas-based indie rapper/music producer Tony Kurtiz in an OG soundtrack for anyone who gets it. Keeping fashionable no matter what the weather or circumstances, we find a top echelon release with so much to savour from a quality creative with sword-like fluidity to marvel at.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen