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I Fly Alone

When I look At You: DURA LUNE wants those chocolate kisses on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg)

As the craving to hold hands only grows through time, DURA LUNE is rather magnificent on their latest single that might make you feel you can go up into the clouds with that ultimate partner on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg).

DURA LUNE is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie electronic pop/disco duo who makes a beautiful blend of scintillating music wonder.

The duo consists of Mateo Raspudic and Simon Duchén who met at the university in Gothenburg. Mateo and Simon started producing in 2017 in the progressive house genre.” ~ DURA LUNE

Taking us on a journey high above from the smoke of this burning world, DURA LUNE shows their close friendship with Christine Ringborg on a sizzling song that is quite inspirational. Washed in a beat that will probably excite your veins, this is a song to turn on loud when you need to get better energy in your soul and feel that kiss of life again.

I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg) from Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie dance duo DURA LUNE is such an enthralling mixture of replenishing brilliance to snack on hungrily. With a tremendous vocal explosion that is blended together so wonderfully, this is a special song that has the production excellence you have been waiting for.

if you have the strength within, anything is possible.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen