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Dylan Taylor rescues us with stunning ‘I Drive’

‘Dylan Taylor’ from the USA is a well established Country & Western artist with a stunningly pure voice. She has been a regular on the scene for a few years and sings with such heart. 

Dylan is back with her new release ‘’I Drive’’. This song is all about taking control of your life and to not let anyone else take charge of the journey, despite all the distractions and detours that you may face. 

‘’I Drive’’ is taken off her latest album-‘’Keep on wondering’’. This is a fantastic single with a great message during this tough time in the world. Dylan longs for us to take charge and be in control of your destiny, no matter what.

This is an established artist that is further cementing her name in the music game with this beautiful song that is full of love and real advice. I love how Dylan tells such descriptive stories, you can tell that she is so genuine and real. I would love to watch Dylan Taylor live while dancing along with the crowd, sunglasses on with a huge on my face. Dylan’s music gives you that feeling, her gorgeous voice catching your attention and taking you on a journey.

If you haven’t heard all her music then be sure to click on her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen