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I Didn’t See You At All

You Stood There: California-based indie pop Conner Eko stares at the wall on I Didn’t See You At All

From heroically fighting through post-concussion syndrome and an increase in depression from a very dark time, Conner Eko rises fearlessly and shows us he is back on a terrific single to learn from called I Didn’t See You At All.

Conner Eko is a Vallejo, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter and astrophysicist who makes that inspiring sound that will take you places you forgot existed.

Eko participated in previous musical projects as a singer-songwriter (such as Pittsburgh-based indie rock band Falling Andes), but that was many years ago. During this time away, he spent time as a high school science teacher, and most recently began working on a PhD in astrophysics. He studies planets around other stars, thinks about the idea of life elsewhere in the universe, and how to get students to learn science better through data-driven Modeling Astronomy.” ~ taken from Conner Eko’s Facebook page

After grabbing our attention on the excellent Christmas Morning Goodbye from the end of 2021, Conner Eko shows us deep inside the sands of time that sadly fade away too quickly. Sung with a vigorous passion that will get you into a dreamy state of affairs, this is a wall breaking song to embrace tightly all night.

I Didn’t See You At All from Vallejo, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter Conner Eko is such an honest single that is made with true love. Taking us through the lost winds as the search to find those hands became so surreal, this is a special track that is packed with that rare authenticity the world is currently lacking.

See this live acoustic video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen