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Wait So Long: Ella McCready won’t fall for her ex again on the sensational I Choose You

After feeling so heartbroken and then seeing what a 2nd chance relationship looked like, Ella McCready decided she would not fall for someone who let her down before but won’t hate either on the hugely embraceable single I Choose You.

Ella McCready is a London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actor who has taken a voyage away from her recent upbeat dance pop tracks.

“‘I Choose You’ actually helped me make one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make in the last year. I had been through a messy and difficult break up that had been entirely instigated by a man I was very much in love with. A month had gone by and then he’d come back into my life asking for a second chance. I walked into a writing session knowing that what I walked out with would be a song about him, but not knowing whether it would be positive or negative. I think the extremely uplifting nature of this track says it all – ‘I choose to love and not to hate’.” ~ Ella McCready bravely letting us into the meaning of this excellent release

Delighting our senses and bringing us an authentic story that should be a striking moment for so many, Ella McCready is a delightfully exquisite talent who sings with a tone that shall settle all your nerves in seconds. Fearless to the core and talented beyond belief, I Choose You is surely up there with one of the best releases from 2022 so far.

I Choose You from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actor Ella McCready is a reminder that you need to embrace your heart’s desire to remain intact and away from anyone who could break it for a second time. Showing such poise and grace, this is an example to us all who either choose to be bitter, or to let someone back in rather hurriedly. Sung with an incredible vocal skill and featuring lyrics that have been made from the soul, this is something rather special for all to learn from.

When you choose to love while others hate, your life will be a happier world to live in.

Listen up to this angelic anthem on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel Like I’m Flying: Stazia never grows tired of that special person on the RnB-fused ‘I Choose You’

After recently signing to Global Exec Records through CEO Daniel Rucker which followed her days in The Unit Band, Stazia is here to entertain us with the smoothly textured loving single about being with someone who makes your heart beat faster named ‘I Choose You‘.

Stazia is an authentic RnB artist from Cleveland, Ohio-based artist who sings with so much love and tender care. She makes that peacefully inspiring music that is crisply tendered, and sung with an exquisite aura of candle-lit energy.

With a sensually classy style that has you smiling deeply, her style is smoothly tipped and you feel her passion on each lyric, as she tells you her inner emotions. This is the type of song that you feel intensely smitten – her love is so evident and she wants the world to know – that he is completely hers and wants to spend as much time possible together.

I Choose You‘ from the sumptuously elegant Cleveland RnB solo artist Stazia, shows us a confident woman who knows what he wants and feels like she is floating in the sky. She wants them all to herself – as her eyes shine in happiness – the heart is happy and totally content. Love can really be so simple, if you let it.

Stream this loving new single on Spotify and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen