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I CANT HEAR CASSANDRA pumps the gas just right on her seductive sizzler I Need It

Showing us how she writes her own rules and shall be a free bird forever, I CANT HEAR CASSANDRA is at her naughty best with a hot new song that should have a +18 rating on I Need It.

I CANT HEAR CASSANDRA aka Vanessa Rae Robinson is a Los Angeles, California-based indie electronic artist who makes that sensually stimulating music you will surely dance with all night.

I make music that makes you dance. And/or horny. Mostly horny.” ~ taken from I CANT HEAR CASSANDRA’s SoundCloud bio

Blending in her pure love for computers, while squeezing the juice from the synth and bass, I CANT HEAR CASSANDRA and her wizard-like producer Zevastated join forces to drop a tasty track that might have you smiling for hours.

With a cute puff of smoke, those striking eyes to gaze into, and an evening filled with wigs, lust, and intrigue, this is that song you know you can’t resist no matter how hard you try.

I Need It from Los Angeles, California-based indie electronic artist I CANT HEAR CASSANDRA is a late-night-playlist-clicker if there ever was one. Her lusciously tempting vocals take you into that star-sparked night and into her cheeky lip-licking attitude, that will keep you on your toes until the sun rises tomorrow. Shining brightly and lathered in all that mystique, we find ourselves wrapped into a distracted maze from a creative soul, who is undeniably rather excellent at what she does.

When you want it enough, you will find it when you’re ready.

See this enchanting music video on YouTube and see more via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen