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I Built a Fire

Lazy Way To Say Goodbye: Michael Waite knows its time to let go on I Built a Fire

Lighting up the scraps of the past that have to go forever in order to open new doors of love, Michael Waite sings with heightened passion and has shown us all how to simmer away from whatever is holding back new growth on I Built a Fire.

Michael Waite is a Marquette, Michigan-based indie singer-songwriter who loves to fuse various elements of folk, jazz, Americana and blues into his genuine music.

Raised in Harvey, a small town outside the port city of Marquette, Waite took early influence from his parents’ blues albums and Irish and American folk songs sung by his father, who passed on to Michael his uncommon memory for songs. He studied trombone in college, and picked up the guitar to accompany his singing.” ~ Michael Waite

Guiding us into this cinematic story with experienced aplomb, Michael Waite is the quintessential underground hero who everyone knows is one of the best in the game. His humble nature shines through so brightly on this rather impressive soundtrack.

I Built a Fire from Marquette, Michigan-based indie singer-songwriter Michael Waite is a splendidly created song which shall heat up many hearts and take millions into the precise moment everything ended. Showing us how to move on in order to grow, is a hugely relevant track for anyone who needed to float into calmer waters.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen