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I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul

Smaiblue shows us what true love sounds like on ‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul’

With the first single off his new project that signals a change in direction, Smaiblue shall stop you from whatever you are currently doing and hold your hand while singing with such kindness on ‘I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul‘.

Smaiblue is an indie alternative solo artist who is always looking to develop through time and make music that touches our hearts.

In the deepest part of the Indonesian jungle there lies a dilapidated home; this being houses speaking if rusting music equipment. Multi-instrumentalist and varied songwriter Smaiblue began here in 2016.” ~ Smaiblue

Beaming a light from that first moment when the door opened and your voice changed, Smaiblue shows us a vulnerable side that is so innocently beautiful and shall shine a ray of hope on all those who feel that special moment has passed away into the night forever.

The production is clear and less in the realm of dreams, the genres to create in have expanded to crazy electronica designed to get you moving or encourage you to delve into the imagination in a much bolder and exciting way than before. The new album is called When We’re Vulnerable, We Come In Peace and its focus is on change, inclusion, ambition, anxieties, the city and our inner humanity.” ~

I Blushed Before Your Kind Soul‘ from indie alternative solo artist Smaiblue is a delightful new track that shall spark a sense of energy back into your consciousness. There is a sweet ambience on offer that takes your breath away for a moment, as you recall that time you first saw the love of your life. Performed with majestic precision, this is a rather transcendent single that will have you smiling to yourself, rather happily.

Hear this brand new release on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen