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I Am What I Am

Chicago rapper Jefe Bates isn’t afraid of any challenge with ‘I Am What I Am’

Steering us into his action-packed life which is filled with activities that he loves to embrace, Jefe Bates returns with his signature motivated outlook that has him telling us that he isn’t changing for anyone on ‘I Am What I Am‘.

Jefe Bates is a Chicago-based indie Hip hop solo artist who flows with tremendous energy and always seems to drop timeless classics that will stand the test of time.

With a highly powerful flow that sends your head into a nodding frenzy, you can’t help but like, Jefe Bates¬†displays his wizardry behind the mic and punches his way to the top with an expressive message that should send shivers down your pulsated spine.

I Am What I Am‘ from Chicago-based indie Hip hop solo artist Jefe Bates, is a poetical single that sends us into a whole new world of intrigue. There is a calm aura here and a flourishing beat loaded with treasures for us to open up with intent, from an experienced underground musician – who is only gaining steam like a freight train – as his self-awareness seem to improve after each release. This is the story about letting everyone know that following a lame fad isn’t in his bloodstream, as staying on the track and speeding up, is the only mission that is actually worth it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen