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I Am Nothing

Australian rapper Rivilin rips on emotion-charged ‘I Am Nothing’

The Australian rapper Rivilin comes through charging with emotion on the new Hip Hop laced single called ‘I Am Nothing‘.

This is all about being with someone you really care for, things are great at first. However for whatever reason, things haven’t worked out and now it’s over. You thought that this would be different but its turned out just like before. In heartbreak. The raging raw emotion is something to behold here as we have vocals that are so fiery and raps that tell the whole story. You now think that that person hates you as they are cold towards you now. Then you are together again but you know that she doesn’t want you in the bed when she wakes up. Things are messy now and you need to work out what to do.

I Am Nothing‘ from Rivilin¬†is a wild ride into the emotion of a relationship that goes up and down, it’s fun and emotional but so tough to work out. This is a new school Hip Hop track with trap-filled influences that fire in with passionate vocals and lyrics. The young Australian artist has brought out a top track and the video is terrific.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen