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Sitting Alone: hxllxw feels that harsh pain so vividly on i dont wanna cry alone (feat. slxxshy)

Sensing that his whole soul has been broken into tiny fragments from that forgotten love that was so cruel, hxllxw clearly needs a long and meaningful hug on i dont wanna cry alone (feat. slxxshy).

hxllxw is an Australia-based indie alternative artist who is heartbreakingly probably sad somewhere right now in our currently vicious planet.

With a wind-swept feeling that has you shivering softly, hxllxw has just dropped one of the most haunting anthems of a lonely generation. The pain is laid bare when the calls are ignored and your heart shatters where only your eyes can see, and your soul can see.

i dont wanna cry alone (feat. slxxshy) from Australia-based indie alternative artist hxllxw is one of the most emotional soundtracks you’re likely to hear today. His vocals are deep and lyrics are often shocking for those who have never dealt with heartbreak. Soaring in the sky and causing a shake of the head to appear, when you wonder why someone would just ghost you forever.

This is striking music that many avoid. Why you ask? It’s so real and scary. Just like this current world.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and check out the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen