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Just Live: South California act Hvnted return on fast-paced new single ‘The Fool’

With a full-blooded bounce that wakes you up from your previous pandemic-educed slumber, Hvnted returns with a story all about never being ‘The Fool‘.

Hvnted is a Southern California born, raised and based indie rock band. They make that kind of real music which has been designed to help us all cope with any hurt, fear and sadness, we might have been feeling lately.

Whether it’s been traveling as a band or back home, locked in our rehearsal space, we’ve met a lot of interesting people and we’ve had to deal with our share of heartache and hardship. But, we believe that these experiences have made us stronger and brought us closer together.” ~ Hvnted

Fused with the quick flick of a hungry match that wants to fire up proceedings, this is a heat-filled track with lots to lather into as you look for an escape from the dull world. There is explosive energy on all corners, as you lay back and let the lyrics guide you into a different world from before.

Our music has been a way for us to express ourselves and get it out. Our music has given us a voice. And, although these things have been pretty tough to deal with, we’ve found relief in writing about our struggles and playing our music together.” ~ Hvnted

The Fool‘ from the Southern California indie rock band Hvnted, is a full volume-d assault on the sizzling speakers that keeps up the impressive consistency the whole way though. With a stunning escapade that is filled with passionate vocals and a band that never lets up, this is a track to play real loud when you need to jump around and get back into your own skin again.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen