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Running On Empty: NSW country artist Mackenzie Lee just needs a little love to fill up on ‘Loves In Drought’

Released from her recently dropped four-track debut EP with a reflective look into the mirror called ‘Sometimes I Wonder‘, Mackenzie Lee hopes that she can be filled up beautifully again with that sweet-feeling she sincerely desires on ‘Loves In Drought‘.

With her loved ones guiding her to be the best possible version of herself daily, Mackenzie Lee is that new inspired Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia-based indie country singer-songwriter, who we need to pay more attention to.

My main goal is to always enjoy my music, study to learn all aspects of the industry, eventually producing my own music.” ~ Mackenzie Lee

You feel the meaningful message of introspection sizzle through her fresh voice which is full of poise and kind enthusiasm, as her caring nature takes her to that calming fountain she wishes to drink from. The world has been so strange and she longs for the days of love again, when her heart can freely flutter like a romantic candle in the wind.

There is much to like from this exciting Ozzie talent. Her precocious voice will only improve over time as she learns more about those hidden eloquence-sounding skills, that the true greats have in their armory.

Loves In Drought‘ by the youthfully exciting Australian indie country artist Mackenzie Lee, is that ultimate I-don’t-want-to-be-lonely soundtrack we can all relate to. In a world that has become too distant, the vital urge to be together with someone- anyone half decent really – has never been greater in our complicated history.

Sung with sterling vigor from a passionate young lady who is only just starting her journey, this is a lovely country single that will have you dusting off your isolated boots, so you may venture confidently outside in hope again.

Hear this new single on her Spotify and see her social adventures via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen