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Relationship therapy and great grooves courtesy of HunnyB

Even though HunnyB’s latest single comes from her own personal experience, it is still wonderfully relevant and totally relatable, describing as it does the endless spirals and running around in circles of a relationship which is not working out. We have all been there, it is part of growing up, part of the human experience, part of life. And whilst normally we would seek solace in our friends or family, Round and Round is nothing short of a session of relationship therapy set to music.

A slick and vibrant piece of R&B, it is built on sassy grooves and modern dance floor chic whilst offering a shoulder to cry on. Joe Budden is the balancing male vocal in this duet, kicking things off nicely but this is Hunny’s moment to tell it like it is and she does so with confidence and defiance. It is always great when you come across such a stylish soulful-pop song but the fact that if you are indeed going through a tough time in a relationship, Round and Round reminds you that you are not alone and hopefully offers you the strength and comfort you need to work things out.