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Jack Bowden shows us inside his self-doubt with the honest gem, ‘Jack Stop’

Yeah Not Bad, You? by Jack Bowden

Taken from his brand new 6-track EP called ‘Yeah Not Bad, You?‘, Jack Bowden reflects on those hurtful demons that are trying to hide him away from truly succeeding on his latest track, ‘Jack Stop‘.

Jack Bowden is a Southeast Kent, UK-based indie singer-songwriter who performs with a humorous tone and an authentic style to truly embrace.

Jack’s passion for lyric writing is very obvious throughout all of his songs, his ability to play with words in a unique yet reachable way is at the forefront of his music.” ~ Jack Bowden

Showing us the truth and exactly what has been on his mind recently, Jack Bowden has dropped a new single that so many creatives shall relate to in this world that can dent your confidence like a golf ball hitting a car window at full speed. His honesty is inspiring and takes you into a dark place that can harm you if you don’t have the support of close friends and family to help you realize that you actually belong.

When performing live; he is equipped with a nylon string guitar that gives an almost Spanish feel to the set and an energy level that is unmatched.” ~ Jack Bowden

Jack Stop‘ from Southeast Kent, UK-based indie singer-songwriter Jack Bowden is a raw track that takes you right inside the sneaky worries that are threatening to break him if he isn’t too careful. Conquering his insecurities is the mission and he takes flight with so much courage here, as he leads us into the character that wants to keep him overthinking everything when actually he is on the right path already.

With passionate vocals and a true insight into the life of an underground musician, this is the warts-and-all story to ultimately realize what that vulnerable state of mind is like. When you are exposing yourself to the whole world’s judgements of your precious art, sometimes your perspective can be altered away from where you actually want to be.

Listen to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen