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Making you blue: GRNBRIER show us the future with exceptional debut track ‘HUH?’

GRNBRIER drop debut track ‘HUH?‘ and this exhilarating new single will leave you gasping for air at the tasty creative juices that are clearly abundant here.

Vernon Hills, Chicago indie five-piece Hip Hop collective GRNBRIER mesh their tight beats and wild kick flips to ear-catching levels- as they rip the mic off its hinges with a top performance to leave you licking your lips for more.

Lead by Love Seat, they are on a carefully planned music mission to get their music heard to all corners of the globe with their catchy rap melodies and authentic style.

The groovy lo-fi-type beat gets you into the mood right away and you can’t help clicking your fingers. There is lots to like here as the Hip Hop energy is so smooth like a freshly shaved bald head.

This is a group with so much soul and the chorus will be stuck in your head all day due to the curiously catchy vibe and electric vibration that lights you up out of this dark slumber.

This is the story about caring so much for someone but they are just not showing you the same love all the time. They just want to be with you when they want but otherwise they shade you like an umbrella. All you want is to be happy but they are making you blue and its affecting your mood as you try and stay positive.

HUH?‘ from Chicago outfit GRNBRIER is a fresh new perspective on the Hip Hop genre that has slowly started to go stale like off milk in your fridge. This is instead a revitalization- so fresh and nice, you will be looking and listening twice.

Hear this fine new song on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen