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Getting To The Money: Portland high-flying rapper Rony shows his credentials on ‘Red Bottoms’ (feat. HS Dro)

With a confident attitude and an eye for fine talent, Rony stays in the lane of success whilst also having some fun too, with the new fresh single called ‘Red Bottoms(feat. HS Dro).

Rony is a prolific Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter and rapper, who brings forth that experience from many years of visualizing his dreams to become reality, as he makes that hip-hop that delves deep into becoming who he truly wants to be.

The raps are fiery and all about how the journey up has been hard but now its all worth it. After being broke for so long, the paper is now stacking up smoothly for him and the true team that have stuck by him, as the haters from before are all wishing that they weren’t so disrespectful.

The girl with the red heels on is really interested — as these are two emcees that are headed into the right direction — as its all upwards and never back to the way it was.

Red Bottoms’ (feat. HS Dro), catches your attention quick like seeing a well-dressed individual walking right up to you — your eyes glimmer as you see them look into your eye — as your heart has a quick simmer and you just know that they are the one for you, the winner.

Stream this fire new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen