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How to Submit Your Music to Club DJs

How to Submit Your Music to Club DJs

Getting a big-name DJ to drop your new floor-filler during their residency at a renowned club may be the dream, but how do you make it a reality and submit your music to club DJs?

There are three main ways to go about it:

  1. Using services such as DropTrack Digital DJ Pool which send your music to the top international DJs.
  2. By individually reaching out to DJs and sharing your music.
  3. By hiring a specialist DJ plugger

There are cons to both methods, namely the cost of PR for the first option and the success rate for the second. There are also pros to both methods; digital promoters often offer instant feedback, and using the personable approach can help you acquire a new connection in the industry if they love your sound. Just imagine what a remix from a world-famous DJ could do for your music career!

In this article, we will cover how to get DJs to play your music using the DIY approach. If your music is of high enough quality and fits with the DJ’s style, it isn’t impossible to stand out from the masses of producers that are oversaturating the EDM scene.

How to Submit Your Music to Club DJs 

Though it may be tempting to approach a DJ at a club and ask them to promote your music, it is by far the best method.

If you were working at Subway and someone came in to show you a sandwich they made at home, would you be impressed? That metaphor is pretty out there, but you get the gist.

The best way of contacting DJs is via official channels; most big-name DJs out there will have a website which provides contact details, usually an email, so start practising your pitches!

Always Personalise Your Emails

The number of emails you need to send before you get any feedback, let alone success, can be soul-destroying. But does that mean you can get away with firing off generic emails to DJs? Definitely not. By using the generic approach, you are destined to fail.

When submitting your music to DJs, always use their name in the email subject, then again in the body of the email, before explaining why you want THEM to play your music specifically – never make your email all about you. For an extra shot of success, drop the ego and bring the personality.

Choose the Right DJs

Researching the DJs’ style before contacting them may take up a fair amount of time, but sending pointless emails to unsuitable DJs will take you even longer. If it doesn’t sound like your music will blend into their set due to the vibe or the genre, save yourself the effort of sending them an email. The same also goes if you don’t connect with the DJ too!

Only Send High-Quality Tracks

There is a place for Lo-Fi music; unfortunately, that isn’t on the playlists of big-name DJs! With every pitch, you should include a high-quality WAV file of your music that is good enough to put through club sound systems. If you’re not sure if your music is up to that scratch, try to gain feedback first! As downloads from Dropbox or WeTransfer can take a while to complete, put a SoundCloud link in your email too!

Know What To Say in Your Pitch

As someone who has seen more band bios than I have had hot dinners, I can safely say that many artists struggle to find the best way of presenting themselves and their music. Much like everyone else in the industry, DJs don’t have the time to read a 1,000-word bio that documents every stage of your life. Keep it concise, and always try to give an insight into your music by mentioning your style, influences and vibe.

Be Persistent

If at first, you don’t succeed, don’t take this as a personal slight. If there is a DJ you really want to play your music, a polite follow-up email won’t hurt; just know the difference between spamming their inbox and sending a friendly follow-up! If when you submit a track to a DJ, you receive a rejection reply, use this opportunity to get feedback on how you can improve your chances in the future!

Submitting your music to club DJs isn’t the only way to promote your music! There are plenty of electronic music blogs to submit to, which have just as much capacity to put you on the electronica map. Avenues such as submitting to genre-specific radio stations, labels and playlists can all aid you in your journey of becoming a big-name producer in your own right.