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How to Submit a Music Demo

How to Submit a Music Demo

Recently finished a demo that you want more than just your fanbase and network to hear? The list of self-promo options for up-and-coming artists is almost endless. To *hopefully,* make it a little easier, we’ve curated some of the best ways to get your new music heard by brand-new audiences. We also included tips on making a positive first impression with labels, playlisters, promoters, and other industry figures with a loyal following of music fans that are always hunting for the next big thing.

How to Submit a Music Demo

Submitting a demo isn’t rocket science, but it is a fine art if you want your campaigns to succeed. Ideally, when submitting a demo, you will have all of these boxes ticked:

–             Create an EPK with a press release, artist photos/cover art, social media links, and a link to your music.

–             Practice your pitch. Hint, leave your ego for your live show, and walk the fine line between friendliness and professionalism while introducing yourself and your music.

–             Know your audience and focus on the quality of your pitch rather than the quantity of frantic half-baked emails sent!

–             Don’t make it all about you! Want to submit original music to a label? Talk about bands already signed to that label, or mention how your ethos matches theirs!

Where to Submit a Music Demo

In our digital era of music that is extensively lamented, it isn’t only record labels that can take artists to new heights. So, if your original music doesn’t scream P R O F I T to a label owner, not all is lost!

You can submit your original music demo to independent music blogs and magazines which fit your niche. Try to gain the attention of influencers. Bid for a spot on a relevant playlist. Plug your demo to indie radio stations, or if you have money to throw at your promotion, you can invest in some PR help.

If you want to go it alone, if your music is good enough, there are plenty of ways to boost your sales and streams while bolstering your fanbase. Although we can’t stress this enough, make sure your music is worth it first. If you can’t stay objective, find someone that can, preferably someone that knows the industry and isn’t your mum.

Some of the best-known sites for independent and unestablished artists to submit their demos to include:

–             Indie Underground is always crying out for creative, substance-fuelled, and melody-focused music.

–             A&R Factory, we are recognised as one of the top 10 UK music blogs for independent artists for a reason!

–             Obscure Sound: an online blog which has been running since 2006 and repping some of the most promising up-and-coming artists.

–             Various Small Flames: for artists that want to make a connection with their music, this site which celebrates home-recorded indie music, is a must.

–             Indie Shuffle; instead of running as a blog format, Indie Shuffle is a hybrid between a streaming service and a blog.

–             Submit Hub; in just one click of the ‘submit a song’ button, your single is transported to a network of indie music curators.

–             High Clouds; if you are looking for airplay as an unestablished artist, this multimedia platform is hailed as the Holy Bible for music junkies!