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How to Get Your Music Featured on Blogs?

How to Get Your Music Featured on Blogs?

With the fall of print media, music blogs have stepped up to the plate to support independent artists on their journey from underground to the main stage. In 2021, the internet is the number one source of music news, and it isn’t just the big-name online magazines publishing content that allows independent music to thrive.

Even music blogs that seem small and niche can receive thousands of hits every day. For an independent artist, that can make all of the difference. To increase your chances of submission success, we have outlined some of the best tips on how to get your music featured on blogs.

How to get your music featured on blogs: 5 industry-approved tips

  1. Create a high-impact press release

Press releases are a fine art, they should be concise but long enough to include all of the information bloggers and A&R reps need to get excited about your sound. Avoid telling your life story or being over-congratulatory; focus on your achievements and what makes you unique. When describing your music, stick to language that paints a picture of your sound.

  1. Share exclusive content

Instead of submitting to music blogs after the release, give music blogs the chance to exclusively feature music and premiere music videos. This is by far one of the most effective strategies in getting independent music featured on blogs.

  1. Do your research

No artist likes rejection, or even worse, radio silence after a pitch. To improve your chance of success with music blogs, find the blogs that are most likely to accept your submission. While some music blogs are happy to feature unestablished artists, others only review artists further along in their careers. For better success with big-name publications, find out which editor covers your genre or style. Artists should also pay close attention to the niche of the blog and the location.

  1. Keep pitches professional

Music bloggers constantly get bombarded with review requests on social media; where possible, always contact bloggers via the appropriate channel. Submission guidelines with the correct contact information are usually listed on the music blog or the blog’s social media page. Injecting a little humour and personality here and there to pique interest is fine otherwise, keep communications with music bloggers professional – it will reflect the quality of your music.

  1. Consider enlisting PR help

PR packages don’t have to cost the earth, and there are many companies out there with a long list of warm industry contacts that independent artists can take advantage of. Additionally, PR reps have spent years developing and maintaining relationships with these industry contacts – they have a far better success rate for blog submissions than indie artists.

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