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How To Escape Reality releases Okay Okay: An insanely heavy piece of Alternative Rock

How To Escape Reality have dropped their latest Rock hit ‘Okay Okay’ really gravitating to that My Chemical Romance era of iconic Alternative Rock.

Now this one is a hit in itself already, it completely nails the sound of Rock and this band brought their own modernized sound to it and it’s incredible, the vocal ranges are insane, the instrumentation is heavy, it’s chaotic but everything within it collides together in such an impressive way.

There are so many elements within this piece, that really stand out. The way it starts is fairly drawn out and has a gravelly vocal almost like a whisper, with a slight strum on the guitar. Then this insanely brilliant instrumentation comes out of nowhere and completely takes it to another level, amping up the loudness, adding in that harsh clash on the drums and the electrifying guitar riffs, then having the vocals seep back through with this deep and raucous tone making the pitch a lot higher.

Halfway through this guttural scream cuts through everything as the instrumentation creates this suspenseful atmosphere in the background, as the vocalist shows just how much he can change up the tone, from the more low-pitched to the full on shrieks, it all worked so perfectly and this is by far should be added to your playlist.

How To Escape Reality has released something that needs to be listened to too, a band that has huge potential to be something massive and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Be sure to check out How To Escape Reality Okay Okay by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall