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How I Love You

Shades Of Grey: Luis Moreno sends fitting tribute to his true soulmate on ‘How I Love You’

Taken meaningfully off his second album, the twelve track gem ‘Veil of Difference‘, Luis Moreno sings with all his heart on the truly sad story about that lost love you will never ever forget on ‘How I Love You‘.

Luis Moreno is a New York-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie alt-rock/pop/folk singer-songwriter.

He is inspired to creatively answer the “emotional call” he proclaims the world is presently crying for in this new age of unprecedented isolation and disconnect.” ~ Luis Moreno

This is the story about missing someone so close who has now passed – you recall their memory so vividly – as you toast the good times you had and vow to never take anything or anyone for granted. Sharing this message is clearly the aim here from a passionate artist who puts his whole soul into this wonderful song, that is stacked full of that true care and remembrance.

Moreno’s music is a testament to raising awareness to the beauty and simplicity of his life’s mission: emotional intelligence and true heart connection.” ~ Luis Moreno

How I Love You‘ from the New York-based indie alt-rock/pop/folk artist Luis Moreno, is such a heartbreaking single that makes you shed a small tear at the memory of his former lover. They couldn’t be together as long as they both wanted and they will forever be cherished, on an incredible song that will surely have you feeling so much admiration for such a beautiful tribute.

Hear this incredibly emotional new single on his Spotify and see more info about his life on the Instagram music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen