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How Am I Supposed To Love

Please Tell Me: The wonderful Irina Imme is in two minds about relationships on ‘How Am I Supposed To Love’

Taken off her terrific six-track album called ‘U and Me‘, Irina Imme brings us a deeply introspective look into her true current feelings with the stunning ‘How Am I Supposed To Love‘.

Irina Imme is an absorbing Brussels, Belgium-born full-time singer-songwriter, music teacher, pianist, guitarist, youtuber and poet from London in the UK. Irina is one of the hardest working artists around with an astonishing catalog of over 250 (and growing) original songs.

She formulates her creative ideas into movie-like songs that strikes your heart and fills you with warmth and loving energy. With a voice that shows you her highly intelligent and in-tune mind, the BSc Psychology student from Queen Mary University of London, unwraps all the nonsense around, to open up only the truth that sets her free.

You feel her beautiful elegance that shines through here with her silky vocals, strong lyrical prowess and her sweet way of telling herself that she needs to decide quickly on what is truly important. She sings effortlessly to find the key to her own door, as she flows with so much grace and a style that is so alluringly mysterious.

How Am I Supposed To Love‘ from London based multi-instrumentalist and highly impressive soul Irina Imme, is an unlocked song that is so full of honesty about her current state of mind. She knows herself well enough to be self-aware during these pandemic times to know that finding love right now isn’t optimal.

Deep down, she is looking for that special person who changes her perspective in an instant, with that heart-healing glint in their eye that transforms her soul forever.

Stream this deeply emotional single on Spotify and see more stories on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen