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By Your Side: Michigan band Jeremiah Mack and the Shark Attack long to be much closer on ‘Hours Away’

Taken off their much-anticipated upcoming EP, ‘Worth the Trouble‘, Jeremiah Mack and the Shark Attack are at their best on the beach-vibes new single which has you back in the mood to find your soulmate on ‘Hours Away‘.

Jeremiah Mack and the Shark Attack is a Ypsilanti, Michigan-based three-piece alt-rock band. They fuse pop, folk and metal together, as they bring us a superb lyric video to brighten up our day.

Now working on their next iteration with an EP titled “Worth the Trouble,” the trio is looking forward to demonstrating the progression they’ve made over the course of their tenure, both in terms of sonic composition and lyrical themes. Worth the Trouble takes a more mature approach to subject matter than our previous material,” explains Mack. “The songs cover a wide range of genres, drifting between the stylings of rock, folk, latin, and metal.” ~ vocalist and guitarist, Jeremiah Mack

With a calming voice, you feel his true love towards the person of his dreams who he longs to be next to. He is steadfast in his thinking that they shall be together, when the timing is much more kind.

On a mellow beat that has you thinking of seeing the romantic sunset by the ocean – close to your lover – that has a relaxing breeze which adds sweetly to the heart-beating ambiance, this is a comforting single with so much to like. The pacifying energy is highly loving and the vocals are rather dreamy, putting you into a sedative state of mind.

Hours Away‘ from the Ypsilanti, Michigan-based three-piece alt-rockers Jeremiah Mack and the Shark Attack, is a longing single which has you thinking deeply about the person who you miss most in the world. Their memory is close and you wish that you were so much closer, as you wonder if the memory of you will fade away into the distance, if you wait too long to be reunited.

See this catchy lyric video on YouTube and see more via their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen