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Hot Like Summer

We Started A Fire: Passionate Nashville singer Jon Mullins heats up that sweet love on ‘Hot Like Summer’

Inspired by his heroes Sam Smith and Adele, Jon Mullins eagerly drops this new uptempo track that steams up the unsuspecting windows and is flaming intensely with joy called ‘Hot Like Summer‘.

Jon Mullins is an entertaining Pennsylvania-born, Nashville-based indie pop singer-songwriter. After his loving wife suffered a dreadful fall a few years ago and recently, also tragically had the undeserved misfortune of losing their firstborn. His life has changed forever but these experiences have made them both so much stronger, as their love for each other has never waned.

The winding journey has taken him from being revered on The Voice, to now bringing the world some meaningful music, that sparks hope back in our healing hearts.

His performance here is quite a lovely listen, as he sings with such heart and true love throughout this sparkle-filled effort. The sweet beat has your mind in a flutter, as you remember when things were so happy in your stomach, that it felt like you were floating on air.

Hot Like Summer‘ from the talented Nashville-based indie pop singer Jon Mullins, is the heart beating story about knowing that you don’t ever want to leave their love. The passion is sparking so high that the birds are going to taste it, as you both run wild with appreciation for each other. This is the time of year that things can start and end quickly, as you hope that this can turn into something longer than a few months.

Hear this audio on YouTube and find out more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen