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KirdA – Sunsets: Because Who Doesn’t Love Folkish Chill Hop?

Emerging Indie Folk artist KirdA has just released his transiently stunning new EP ‘Endless Summer’. It took listening to one track to decide that this type of soundscape is exactly where the future of music lies.

Contained within the intricate masterpiece of a release is the standout track Sunsets which bowled me over before the first verse had even ran through. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people that gets goose bumps from listening to a resonantly blissful track, you’re in for one hell of a prickly treat. The resonance contained within the Indie Folk track reverberates through you thanks to the Chill Hop vibe that washes over the entire track. Someone should have told the Artic Monkey’s that this is how you create a genre mash of an album. KirdA has all the suave style of a Trap Artist but boasts the sweet sensibility of an acoustic Indie artist. It’s hard not to fall in love with the narrative lyrics, the tentative versing and everything KirdA puts into the genius orchestration of his stylised sound.

You can check out KirdA’s single from his five-track EP Endless Summer on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chi Body and his rap opera track ‘Cave Upgrade’

Cave Upgrade sounds like a rap opera complete with all the inherent drama and tension, Wagnerian oppression and dark intensity. A heavy salvo of vocals sits over a claustrophobic backdrop; one that plays with sonic dynamics moving from playful riffs to a wall of synth wash and finally a wasted dystopian drift.

If you are used to rap music following tried and tested pathways, this is where the road stops, you get out of the car and head out into the unknown, into new musical territories and totally unexpected terrain.  This the sound of rap as a sound track to a horror movie, of rap as theatre noir, rap as the prelude to the end of the world. Music historians always like to talk about those days when the course of music changed for ever, Elvis, Bowie, punk, hip-hop…Chi Body may very well be on such a list one day.