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Houston rapper Evvo wonders why they can’t be together on, ‘Y’ (feat. Colegend)

Showing us where the truth is when there is so much confusion in this strange world, Evvo is back with a new street track that has you nodding your head with the catchy beat leading you in the right direction on, ‘Y(feat. Colegend).

Evvo is a Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist who keeps things underground in all of his tracks and blesses the mic with another creative display.

Slicing the competition over with devastating effect, Evvo takes us into a story that is packed with emotion and real talk, that will compel you to take a closer listen as you get the full picture. There is a confident demeanour on offer that has you putting those fresh shades on, to make sure that you look as fly as possible to impress that human who you feel is the right match.

Y(feat. Colegend) from Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Evvo demands attention with his latest release that is all about wondering why you can’t be with this special human who you feel is perfect for you. Rapped with a mellow style but maintaining a stylish vigour, this is a single to reflect with as your crew support you on your romantic journey.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC-based rapper Louie Tha Profit runs it up and will never stop on ‘Far Rock Story’ (feat. T Dot Ragedy, LegendMadeBrad)

After running to the cash and getting away from all personal drama onThe Don‘, Louie Tha Profit leads us into the story that is filled with an army mentality as they raise the standard together on ‘Far Rock Story(feat. T Dot Ragedy, LegendMadeBrad).

Louie Tha Profit is a well-established Far Rockaway, New York-based Hip hop artist who flows with a professor-like sharpness and seeks to always keep it real no matter what.

I want to be one of the greatest lyricists of all time. I want to be the reason other people from my circumstances get more opportunities to pursue their dreams.” ~ Louie Tha Profit

Showing us that he is on the right road and staying away from the small-minded fools who can bring you down to their level if you aren’t too careful, Louie Tha Profit might be one of the most underappreciated artists of our time. He flows with reinvigorated energy that sends you into a better place, sending that head noddin’ and those eyes wide to learn the right way to get those stacks filled forever.

Far Rock Story(feat. T Dot Ragedy, LegendMadeBrad) from the New York-based Hip hop artist Louie Tha Profit, has you feeling like anything is actually possible if you have a strong team and refuse to let the streets dictate your every move. There is an air of success here that should inspire many – to follow their dreams and to keep those true souls close – who have shown you how to be better.

Advancing as a team and keeping each other accountable is the only way to make sure that you win and never stop elevating.

See this statement music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Marshall Stannus lusts for love but not yet on indie-pop ”Friends”

After reviewing ”Springbreakers”, ”Euphoria” and now ”Friends”, Australian indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus rolls in with next track and 3rd single of 2020.

The mysteriously brilliant Melbourne artist is certainly bringing out some quality content during these covid-19 times. Music is flowing and this is up there with his best songs so far. His vocal delivery and hard-hitting style that catches your attention is back.

Friends” finds Marshall in a good place for a while before we are lowered into the story of wanting to be friends but also needing that alone time. This is a new artist inside as realizes that this is his path and if something is in the way, he needs to let go and grow. Inside however, you keep looking at your phone thinking briefly if it was the right decision.

Melbourne, Australia Indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus brings his a-game on this Hip Hop crunched beat ”Friends” that is an excellent track from the Australian performer on the rise.

Stream this new song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen