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Spreading My Wings: Adubs is ready for the next three-point shot on ‘Down Bad’

As he quickly opens his ravenous wallet up and hopes for better days, Adubs knows he can do better and is on a mission to change his fortunes away from the distracting parties on his new trap-filled track called ‘Down Bad’.

Addison McCall aka Adubs, is a hooper and rapper from the USA. He was born in Morganton, North Carolina, and makes that new school fire sound that is full of rip-roaring raw bars from the street.

You feel his ultimate determination and he tells us the story about not wanting to struggle anymore. His mind is away from the games now and he only wants to rack up that paper, so that he can eat well and never be down in the dumps like before.

This is the story about seeing your goals in your vision and actually trying to achieve them, not just talking like a parrot and staying inside the same cage forever. He is manifesting his goals into reality, whilst using his talents on the court to only fuel his desires into a bonfire so big, he will be warm for years.

‘Down Bad’ from the USA-based trap artist Adubs, is a motivation-stacked track that shows he is ready for the next step in his music career, as he jumps high and smartly slides his mind into the hoop like a classic move to win the Championship game in the last second. He raps with so much passion and shows much improvement from his previous releases. That is what life is all about anyway. Ignoring the hype, haters and those inner demons. To truly succeed you need to avoid those late-night temptations which take you down an undesirable path, and has you fouled out forever.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out his IG page for more basketball and music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen