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Ain’t Goin’ Down Like That: HOOD CRITTAX runs off on anything they want on debut track da jump off

Seeing fine talent in abundance and taking a snack for lunchtime, HOOD CRITTAX are those ravenous Pitbulls who shall never give up on their popping off all night with the bare hands debut track da jump off.

HOOD CRITTAX is an Atlanta, USA indie hip hop/RnB trio who are inspired by classic sounds and their experiences growing up on those tough streets.

After recording at Timbaland studio recently, HOOD CRITTAX surges through with a top-shelf release to show their intent globally. You feel their incredible exuberance transform previous thoughts through a thoroughly ferocious soundtrack.

da jump off from the underground Atlanta, USA indie hip hop/RnB trio HOOD CRITTAX is one of those gangsta tunes which shall get the groove going. They are inspired by the legends of the game and everything is funky, groovy, hardcore and just excellent in all areas.

If you are a massive fan of edgy lyrics and a sparked-up beat to vibe with, this is a single to turn up loud. It’s that good.

Illuminate your street hustle on Spotify. View their stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen