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Good Time: Honey Made grows tired of the games with the groovy delight Upstairs

After delighting our faces with 2019’s Perfect Getaway, Honey Made are rather incredible on a sensually loving single that will have many embracing their lovers tightly Upstairs.

Honey Made is a 9-piece Austin, Texas-based indie primal-soul RnB band who are inspired by the greats such as James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, and Earth Wind and Fire.

Gliding in swiftly with a classy tone that might cause uncovered necks to blush suddenly, Honey Made makes that silky treat that is so easy to digest. Vocally excellent and with an aura that shall take you places in your mind that you had forgotten, which brings your mood back to true freedom. There is a hum in the speakers that can’t be taught, as their intuitive melodies bring great joy to all who listen closely.

Upstairs from the 9-piece Austin, Texas-based indie primal-soul RnB band Honey Made is one of the more crisply woven-into-your-soul singles that will make you smile. There is an incredible quality attached here that is rather magnificently created and world class to the max, as you just imagine that sparked up night that has turned into something memorable.

When you look inside those eyes and see that romantic flame, it’s best to keep it alive.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A taste of nostalgia – Honey Made’s ‘Brand New’ may be the real meaning of ‘soul food’

From the opening few bars of ‘Brand New’, the latest single from Austin, Texas, funk/soul groove-merchants Honey Made, it’s impossible to stop toes or fingers tapping and heads nodding; a delicious, salacious, warm and mellow slice of beautiful nostalgic funk in the vein of Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, or Marvin Gaye.

The honeyed (pun very much intended) vocal duetting of vocalists Willie Barnes and Donald Ford Jr. is silky smooth, deep, rich, and velvety – the superlatives just go on and on; the musicianship across the board is sublime, the bass and played-around-the-beat drums of Lee Braverman and Chris Barnes absolutely in the pocket, sitting together like only the very best soul and R&B rhythm sections can, the keys, sax, and horns absolutely perfect and mutually complimentary across the whole track.

This is contemporary-yet-old-school funk/soul at its absolute best; there’s no other way around it, ‘Brand New’ really is exquisite.

You can check out ‘Brand New’ over on Soundcloud now, or follow Honey Made on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes