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Sona – Give Me a Minute – 80’s Indie Synthesised

Traditionally, 80’s singers have always got a bad rap. Luckily, its 2017 and Sona’s debut hit Give Me a Minute hopefully won’t make her cringe when she listens to it 30 years down the line. She offers a melodic spell incarnated by her minimalist back beats and hauntingly apathetic lyrics.

Throughout the duration of the track the melody almost becomes an apparition, a simple mix that is all too easy to forget you’re listening to as you’re lulled by her strong yet subtle vocal ability. Her empowering sound has allowed her to gain notoriety through the Los Angeles electronica scene with a styling is right on the cusp of the modern Indie Pop Rock sound, so it shouldn’t be too long her and her analogue are rising above the underground.

She’s come a long way since her earlier tracks as she sheds the innocence of a choir girl sound to allow melancholy to flow into the mix giving it palpable resonance. Under the right direction, there’s no reason why Sona can’t reach the heights enjoyed by the likes of London Grammar and Honey Blood.

Check out Sona’s latest track Give Me A Minute via SoundCloud using the link below: