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OvaDos brings the heat with fiery Hip Hop single ”Homicide”

OvaDos¬†leaves it all on the line with the brand new single called ”Homicide”. This is all about going for it and not stopping for anything or anybody. People that are holding you back are sadly going to have to understand. This is no time to be distracted as OvaDos is on a mission to head straight to the top of the Hip Hop game.

Blowing up is the only things on OvaDos’s mind. They are willing to smash through any barrier and we shouldn’t sleep on this producer-rapper. Big things are expected in 2020 and moving forward.

The lyrical ability is on full show here and I enjoy the smooth flow and no-nonsense approach. The beat is simple but effective and I feel like OvaDos is building up slowly and getting everything prepared to make it big.

Homicide” is a very underrated track but perhaps not for long.

Check out this fantastic emcee’s new track right here on Spotify.

Review by Llewelyn Screen