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Reinventing himself: Virgin Islands Emcee Rio Thomas shows growing self-awareness on the Street-Hop single ‘Home Town’

The piano is so haunting and keeps the song in check for now, the crackling salt-shaker type background twists the track into a different realm of existing reality. Rio is running on the road, his fresh white sneakers stand out from his ominous surroundings. Is home really where the hate is? Rio Thomas explores this topic on his new track called ‘Home Town‘ and this is a riving listen, with a powerful video to back up the vision.

Taken off ‘RIYASA‘ and with excellent production from IYASA, this is track number 10 on the full album from 2020. Recorded in L.A, this was a release that was recorded in two days but you can’t even tell due to the excellent production that has been carefully constructed- to portray the full story of evolving as you grow in life.

His smooth bars are carefully constructed and the regret of previous lyrics are omnipresent in his flow. This is an Emcee that has grown up and learnt from his past mistakes, he realizes the power of words and how they bite hard at his spiritual chakra if they are thoughts that have no place in his heart or soul. This is a man who wants to be at one with himself so he can use these skills that have been given to him, he doesn’t want to add his name to other flamed our musicians, who had it in their grasp and threw it away.

The story of feeling love in so many places but not your own town is real and hits you back to reality. With so many jealous friends and enemies right in your face, it is hard to know who to trust. You need to keep your mind clear and smoke-free for a while, so you can unravel each part of your life and go for your dreams, as its your life after all. The true friends will reveal themselves in some unexpected places too which is a true representation of life’s journey, as you travel and move on from your former home that haunts you inside.

He fought the demons in his head and flipped the script on what he thought was possible. Rio Thomas drops one of the most self-aware Hip Hop tracks of the year on ‘Home Town‘ to show us that if you try hard enough, you can open new doors and be who you ultimately want to be as a man.

See this excellent music video on YouTube and follow Rio on his Instagram to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen