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Holy Vulture

Holy Vulture unleashed their hook-rife alt-rock hit, I Can’t Help It

Holy Vulture

NYC Rock n Roll trio, Holy Vulture, relinquished all control in their latest melodically hook-rife single, I Can’t Help It. With the stabbing staccato rhythms courtesy of the bass and guitar, the tension-filled track efficaciously reflects the reality of powerlessness in the presence of an all-consuming paramour that strips us of our autonomy and replaces it with addiction to the source of the obsession. Who said romance was dead?

Since 2019, Holy Vulture has been bringing a brand-new frenetic rock flavour to the alt-rock scene. Sure, stylistic nods to the icons of rhythmic rock are there, but assimilation certainly isn’t the aim of Holy Vulture’s game.

I Can’t Help It will officially release on September 9th. Check it out for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast