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Holy Home Video take their wholesome western show on the road with ‘Road Beers’

Hailing from Swansea, South Wales, Holy Home Video are a western-slash-pop duo who have released new track ‘Road Beers’; a track deserving plaudits for its poppy cross-atlantic appeal. 

An unapologetically emotional guitar-and-heart-strung poppy ballad interplays with a western influence coming out of a British voiced speaker with ‘Road Beers’. It’s saccharinely mutatious pop at its most effective – enjoyable and obvious – and Holy Home Video have crafted a strong piece with ‘Road Beers’, and one which should keep fans of their cutesy musical crack un-fiending. 

Hitting its sweet-tea drinking americana-infused highs more enthusiastically its latter half, ‘Road Beers’ is a strong contender for one of the more interesting and profoundly pleasant independent genre crossover hits of the year. 

You can listen to ‘Road Beers’ over on ‘Holy Home Video’s’ spotify page.