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That burning smoke: Dark-pop singer-songwriter Edd Ward drops real song about how ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’

Edd Ward is back and this time he sings with so much real vividness about the horrific and seemingly endless fires in LA on ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding‘.

Etibar Gangur aka Edd Ward, is a record producer, singer-songwriter and evolving creative who started making music three years ago in his Aunt’s basement. Making music has helped Edd to get through personal issues as his depression was getting really bad at one stage. Keeping busy and creative has saved his life and the results are easy to see now as the hard work has certainly paid off.

With the legendary producer Benny Blanco assisting with the writing on this new track, the sky is the limit for this talented artist who is only getting better and better all the time.

He sings with such meaning and soul, the new school singer/rap style is brought forth with a Post Malone kind of tone that takes us for a plane ride over these terrible fires, They never seem to end and something needs to be done about it as it can’t carry on. So much has been damaged and burnt forever which is really upsetting this young musician. The feeling of being pushed to the ground while no one is really listening, is tough to bare and change has to happen with more songs like this.

Hollywood’s Bleeding‘ from the multi-skilled Edd Ward¬†is a deep track about life and how things don’t make sense sometimes. When things are obvious to the eye and nothing seems to happen, frustration can boil over.

With a real talented for music and an introspective look inside the fireball, this is the type of song that makes other notice that things need to be better.

Hear this quality new single via Soundcloud and hear more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen