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Hold You

”Hold You” from King Kent is the caring song the world needs right now

With the world in a lot of pain, we need healing music to make us forget about worries and unite. Some artists have the ability to do this with their voice. This is one of those times where we just need to put our headphones on, hold hands and unite.

King Kent has such a pure voice and he brings you into his song with expert precision and care. ”Hold You” is such a beautifully created track and hits all the right notes. This is a song about holding that special someone really close and not letting go. With a soft guitar background, I just want to click my fingers and join in. This is the type of music that can be played for all ages and all humans of the world no matter where they live. This song crosses borders and if there is a Peace Concert in the USA soon, King Kent needs to be on that lineup. I could see candles and lighters up high with everyone singing along.

Get on Spotify now to hear this song and more from this fantastic singer-songwriter from Chicago in the USA.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen