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Hold You Down

Love You Forever: dESH.DUBS brings us fresh new single ‘Hold You Down’ (ft. Ariel)

Taken off his latest eleven-track release called ‘Above The Wicked‘, dESH.DUBS fills our hearts with so much buoyancy with lots of lovely sax included for good measure on ‘Hold You Down’ (ft. Ariel).

dESH.DUBS is a terrific Netherlands-based solo hip-hop artist, writer, researcher, music, visual artist and African studies student. He smoothly mixtures his sounds together to create that delicious music combination, that soothes your mind and fills you up with hope.

With a reggae fusion to add a clever lift to proceedings, we are catapulted into a song that keeps your body moving and your head nodding in approval, for all this exciting energy to be welcomed in hungrily.

This is the message of wanting that long-term love as you are so happy together and you have each others backs, no matter what else transpires to lead you astray.

Hold You Down’ (ft. Ariel) from the talented Netherlands-based artist dESH.DUBS, is that story that has you feeling so good and your mind a happy place to be productive again. This is a pleasurable single that is so full of good vibes and that relaxed energy, that is such a treat during these uncertain times of dismay and confusion.

Hear this freshly brewed new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen